Proposal for EU Project (Erasmus Plus) (Nabídka)

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15. 3. 2019

Dear kindergarten,

 we are pleased to contact you, asking you to be partner in our european project.

 We (a public kindergarten near of Reggio Emilia, Italy) want to present a project proposal to Erasmus plus (KA 229) until the 21 march. We are looking for european partners (kindergartens active in outdoor education, nature pedagogy, forest kindergartens).

We can provide the main information about our proposal . For any question or information, don't hesitate to contact us (me, Corina, as contact person for the transnational coordination). You can answer me in English, German or Italian. We would be glad to wellcome you in our partnership. We are convinced that the project could become a very interesting opportunity! Please, give us an answer as soon as possible (the deadline is quite near)! Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards, Corina Laasch,


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